Review of the album "Between ash and words"

Here the last recording  work of the singer-songwriterMassimo Galfano, named"Between ash and words". The album of this artist, with a passionate, mature voice with Mediterranean colors, contains 10 unpublished pieces that speak about love, passion but also joviality of living emotions without neglect important social topics, that describe the artist as he is now, in front of a new chapter of his artistic life. Album with very diversified sounds and topics, that goes from the Latin rhythm, passionate like in "Moon", that involves the mind of his listener, transporting us in a summer background full of colors, to a sweet and soft sound of the notes of the piano, like in the piece "In the deep of your eyes", that describes the romantic love reflected in his beloved's eyes. The pieces "I want to sing" and "Between ash and words"mention his artist life: the singer-songwriter in the last, that has the name of this album,  speaks about his changing after having savour the sadness of the life, moreover, this piece contains the leading message of this album: anger, love, passion, real-life experiences and pain, as "Broken lives" proves, that talks about the tormenting pain of an abort, from the point of view of a man, of a father; certainly a new point of view.

The album contains very  measured and summer pieces, besides "Moon" also "What a surreal sensation", and pieces like "And I ask me again" that has a swing rhythm with a bitter aftertaste of the disappointment for an infidelity with a little of irony.

Another piece with typically south sounds is "August holiday night" that talks about the beginning of a love story which was born in the 15th August night by chance, while "The stars no exist more", discusses the sad feeling after a love delusion, that also brings to believe to inexistence of the stars in the sky.

A peculiarity of this album, that shows the artist in all his naturalness and mankind, is "Trip", where the artist tells the life of a boy like many other that, for a banal inattention and the high speed, plays dangerously with his life, and anyway, in this context, Massimo Galfano tries to transmit a message that invite to the reflection.